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Hemp Infused Hawaiian Skincare


    Our family homesteaded off the grid, in the Pacific Northwest for many years, which gave us our skills in plant and natural medicine.   Due to the fact that we were pretty far up a sketchy dirt road up a remote mountainside, running to the doctor or the vet every sneeze, sniffle or scrape was not much of an option!  We took care of many injuries with the wild herbs that grew up there, and we had our wood fired sauna, that boiled any potential viruses out of us!

      We believe in a healthy lifestyle with minimal artificial interventions and have carried that forth in our lives here on Maui and elsewhere as the family grows and has new families of their own!

      With the 2014 farm bill that legalized the humble but mighty hemp plant, it was only natural to combine the incredible benefits of CBD, with the traditional, healing plants of the Pacific Islands.

     With an entrepreneurial nudge from our friend, Gabe who grows hemp, we embarked on a two year journey to develop our skincare line, Maui Wowie Infusions.  Another family member, Gary, who has joined our company, will be growing hemp crops this year in Washington State! 

     With the Covid Pandemic, we are living in uncertain, uncharted territory. Anticipating the stresses of change, we need to support our immune systems and our local businesses.

Our motto is “Infuse your life with love, laughter, awe and gratitude”!  We hope to make the world a better place, with your help and support. Mahalo Nui Loa

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